VIDEO: Wilcox discusses initiatives, salmon recovery, and his bid to disband the Fish & Wildlife Commission

In his most recent video update, 2nd District Rep. J.T. Wilcox discusses the shift in stance from House and Senate Democrats, who will now hold hearings on three of the six initiatives before the Legislature this session.

Wilcox then delves into the critical issue of salmon recovery, emphasizing its significance not only for fishing communities but also for the broader ecological and regulatory landscape, particularly in Western Washington. He sheds light on the implications for Eastern Washington, where salmon runs face challenges impacting the local economy, including discussions about the potential removal of dams.

Additionally, Wilcox addresses concerns regarding the state Fish and Wildlife commission, expressing criticism of its current structure and advocating for reforms. He outlines his proposal to eliminate the commission and transition to a system of gubernatorial appointments, sparking a necessary dialogue within Olympia. His bill, HB 2434, received a public hearing last week.


Washington State House Republican Communications