Radio report: 2022 Legislature adjourns after providing ‘fixes,’ but no tax relief despite Republican efforts

The Washington State Legislature ended its 60-day session on time late last night (Thursday) after passing a 65-billion-dollar state budget and a partisan transportation package that raises fees on Washingtonians. John Sattgast reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

SATTGAST: It's finished!

FLOOR: “The two-thousand and twenty-two regular session is adjourned sine die!” (Gavel falls – cheers fade)

SATTGAST: Another legislative session in the history books! House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox says this year's session will be remembered for lawmakers attempting to fix problems created in the past.

WILCOX: “Fixing those mistakes from the past in public safety and in the long-term health care tax was critical. And if we would not have done that this year, that would have been bad for the citizens.”

SATTGAST: Wilcox predicts struggling Washington taxpayers will also remember that majority Democrats forgot them when they needed help the most.

WILCOX: “We had a 15-billion-dollar surplus that could have gone back to the taxpayers, but instead of doing that, Democrats took by far the largest surplus in the history of Washington and spent it all.”

SATTGAST: House Republicans offered solutions that included tax relief, safer communities, transportation congestion relief, and an environmental plan. Although Democrats rejected those proposals this year, Wilcox says. . .

WILCOX: “Those are going to be the foundation of a program that we will propose for 2023.”

SATTGAST: John Sattgast, the state Capitol.


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