Republican leaders respond to governor’s new two-phase ‘reopening’ plan

As Washingtonians are forced to comply with the governor's restrictions, Republican legislative leaders say there's no accountability from agencies involved in the pandemic response.
Tracy Ellis explains.

 Radio Report Transcript

ELLIS: Senate Republican Leader John Braun says when the legislative session begins next week, they'll bring the voices of forgotten citizens and businesses to the legislative arena.

BRAUN: “We're dealing with folks who have their live savings, their employees' livelihoods at stake, who have offered ways to be safe and operate safely for their employees, for their customers, with no response at all. They've just been frozen out. It's very discouraging.”

ELLIS: House Republican Leader J.T. Wilcox says legislators will also demand accountability.

WILCOX: “There is never a serious commitment to execution on a plan. And you can see that in everything from prison releases to our unemployment insurance division. And now, this very slow rollout of vaccines.”

ELLIS: The governor's Department of Health admitted that the state has fallen behind in its vaccine rollout.

I'm Tracy Ellis.


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