Lawmakers return to Olympia for ‘Committee Assembly’

It's been just over four months since the 2019 Legislature adjourned April 28th in Olympia. But lawmakers are back at the state Capitol this week for “Committee Assembly” to discuss emerging issues and plan for the next legislative session in January. Kelley Payne reports.

 Radio Report Transcript

PAYNE (:62) It's one of two times before the 2020 session the House and Senate will convene for Committee Assembly at the State Capitol – the second scheduled for November. Representative J.T. Wilcox of Yelm is the House Republican Leader. . .

WILCOX (:13) “There are often new developments. Sometimes, legislation is working well. Other times, you find that things that passed through Olympia last session are not working and we're going to have to adjust. And this is a time to understand all those things.”

PAYNE: Top issues on the committee calendar include an update on the drought and wildfire in the state this summer, implementation of new business and occupation taxes to pay for higher education, census issues, and the discussion of data privacy. It's also an opportunity for members to meet with their own caucuses to plan for the 60-day legislative session that begins in January.

WILCOX (:13) “I think we are going to be preparing to continue to make that point, that we're here to stand up for the taxpayer and the people that want to have the best value for the dollars that they send to Olympia.”

PAYNE: Committee Assembly schedules can be found online at L-E-G – DOT – W-A – DOT – G-O-V. Kelley Payne, Olympia.


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