House D spending proposal doesn’t change much, says Wilcox

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House D spending proposal doesn’t change much, says Wilcox

Rep. J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, made the following comments in response to the House Democratic supplemental budget proposal released today at a news conference:

“The House Democratic presentation today had two tracks.  First was the supplemental budget plan, which as the Appropriations Chairman said, 'doesn't do much.'  The Democrats want the session to end on time as much as everyone else, so they've put forward a modest proposal that doesn't change much, although they tried hard to dress it up with fancy rhetoric.

“But the second aspect was the $200 million tax hike, which was their propaganda piece clearly designed to appease their base.  They kept it separate from the budget, no doubt because they know it'll never pass.  After all, it includes a sales tax on bottled water that voters in 2010 soundly rejected.  Even their presentation made it plain to me that this piece was designed to be negotiated away.

“One piece seriously lacking in the House Democratic plan was support for higher education and the Opportunity Scholarship program, which received additional funding in the Senate budget proposal.  This program is critical for young people to compete in our very difficult job market.

“It's important for people to realize that at the end of all the flowery speeches this supplemental budget changes the state General Fund by just half a percent.”


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