Wilcox worried court ruling will result in a bundle of tax increases

The Washington State Supreme Court today invalidated a taxpayer protection that required a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to raise taxes as unconstitutional.

Rep. J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, had this to say about the ruling:

“Although the courts found it to be unconstitutional, the voters clearly want a high threshold to increase their taxes. This ruling doesn't change that. My House Republican colleagues and I will continue standing up for the voters, because our job is to be representatives of the people.

“In the House Finance Committee, we have heard a variety of tax increase bills, and now it seems likely they will move forward without the taxpayer protections in place. Those bills would: extend a temporary tax on beer, create a new fuel excise tax and impose an income tax on high earners which voters just rejected. These tax increases amount to more than $4.1 billion over six years.

“Earlier this month, House Republicans proposed a change in the House rules to require this same two-thirds requirement to increase taxes. It is completely legal for the House to adopt its own rules. However, House Democrats rejected this proposal and the chance to stand up for the will of the people in 44 out of 49 legislative districts. Although there is a great deal of rhetoric around the idea of one person-one vote, the majority party greatly over weights votes in the House fiscal committees where most decisions are made.

“I am concerned about struggling taxpayers and hard-working families who have told me again and again they can't afford to be taxed any more. Increased taxes are bad for our economy and bad for those who are unemployed.”


Washington State House Republican Communications