Yelm High School student serves as page in the House of Representatives

Sophomore Michael May from Yelm experienced the legislative process first hand while serving as a page to Rep. J.T. Wilcox.

Michael traveled to the capital Jan. 9-13 and has since worked to support the Legislature by delivering important documents and messages to elected officials and staff members. In addition, Michael continued his regular schoolwork, dedicating at least two hours every day to academic assignments and studies.

Recently, Michael took part in a special “mock bill” assignment which required him to take on the role of a state representative and argue for the passage of a specific bill.  Michael chose to argue for a bill that would abolish the death penalty, saying, “[This] bill is a good one because it will save the state up to $1.3 million for each prisoner on death row.”

“I was happy to sponsor this young man,” Wilcox said. “Michael will return home with a unique experience, having worked with some of our state's most knowledgeable individuals and public servants.”

To become a page, students must obtain permission from their school, their parents, and they must also hold a C+ grade-point average. In addition, applicants will need a legislative sponsor. To apply, visit the Page Program Web site at


Washington State House Republican Communications