Wilcox ready for November special session

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Wilcox ready for November special session

The governor announced Sept. 22 she will call for a 30-day special session of the Legislature beginning Nov. 28 to address the state's budget shortfall. Last week, the state's chief economist reported that revenues are still expected to be greater in the current budget cycle than the last. However, the 2011-13 budget passed in May by the Legislature exceeds the latest revenue projections by $1.27 billion.

Rep. J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, said he agrees with the need for a special session before January to balance the budget sooner and provide certainty to state government programs and services.

“The shortfall amounts to $70 million each month remaining in the biennium, so if we delay it makes it harder to solve the problem. If we adopt a budget before the end of the regular session, we can achieve more savings and provide predictability for job creators and working people,” Wilcox said. “This is not going to be easy, but being a public servant isn't about doing the work only in the good times. How we respond to this now will determine how fast our state will rebound and what we leave for our children.

“As a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, I'm ready to begin the process now of finding reforms and efficiencies within the budget. This means we must use the priorities of government approach to put certain services of government ahead of others in importance, and fund accordingly. For the Second District, it's critical that the special concerns of rural areas and rural school districts are fairly considered with other areas of our state.

“We can and must come together to find agreement on what is most important so we can fund the core functions of government. Legislators were able to find bipartisan agreement on spending reductions last December, and I know we can do this again.”

The 2012 regular session is scheduled to begin Jan. 9 and last 60 days.


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