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Growing up on Wilcox Family Farms, I saw firsthand the hurdles farmers, manufacturers and small businesses face. We need to recreate the conditions that once allowed the small towns in Pierce and Thurston counties to flourish. My goal is to facilitate the commonsense environment of regulation and opportunity that’s required for that to happen. A strong economy is what we need in order to pay the bills, both in Olympia and in our own homes.

I am also focused on salmon restoration. With more than 70% of Washington’s salmon and steelhead populations either failing to meet recovery goals or in crisis, the time for bold action is now. That’s why I introduced a comprehensive, five-bill package during the 2024 session designed to bolster the state’s restoration efforts and ensure the livelihoods of fishers.

I am here to serve you year-round, so please feel free to contact me anytime with your comments, questions or concerns. You can also contact my legislative assistant, Nora Halbert, to set up a time to meet with me at my Olympia office or in district.

It is an honor to serve as your state representative in Olympia.

Rep. J.T. Wilcox
(360) 786-7912  |  jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov
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Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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Key issues and resources

Fixing the Democrats' failures

From public safety and affordability to education, drugs, homelessness and housing, the magnitude of challenges facing our state is staggering. House Republicans. Despite our minority status in Olympia and the constraints on our agenda, House Republicans are working tirelessly to fix Washington. We're committed to pushing for change on these pressing issues and striving to improve the lives of all Washingtonians.

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Three initiatives approved, three will be on November ballot

For much of the 2024 legislative session, it appeared the majority would completely ignore all six initiatives sent to the Legislature via the signatures of more than 400,000 Washingtonians. For our part, Republicans immediately embraced the measures and called for prompt public hearings. We were ultimately successful in securing public hearings for three of the six initiatives, which were subsequently passed by the Legislature. Initiative 2081 enacts a “Parents’ Bill of Rights,” Initiative 2111 prohibits state and local personal income taxes, and Initiative 2113 restores the ability of our men and women in law enforcement to pursue fleeing suspects. The majority party didn’t hold hearings or take action on the other three initiatives. Initiative 2117 would repeal the Climate Commitment Act and the associated carbon tax, Initiative 2124 would provide an opt-out of the state long-term care program and payroll tax, and Initiative 2109 would repeal the capital gains tax. However, they will be on the ballot in November.

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Fighting for Washingtonians

Although Republicans may not be in the majority in Olympia, our commitment to improving the lives of Washingtonians remains unwavering. We will continue championing a bold agenda that serves as a roadmap to getting our state back on track. Additionally, we will adamantly oppose misguided policies put forth by the majority, recognizing their potential to exacerbate existing crises. Our mission is clear: to serve with purpose, accountability, and an unyielding sense of urgency as we endeavor to fix Washington.

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The latest legislative news and views

The Washington State Ledger is a legislative news aggregator administered by House Republicans that is meant to be a resource on information relating to government, public policy and the legislative process.

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Rep. J.T. Wilcox reflects on 14-year career in the Legislature

Meet J.T. Wilcox

Representative J.T. Wilcox grew up on his family farm in rural Pierce County, where he still lives today. He is a graduate of Washington State University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in history. In 2011, he was sworn in as state representative for the 2nd Legislative District, which...

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2nd Legislative District